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Are you feeling stuck? Like life is one big groundhog day?! Is all the uncertainty getting to you? Well, what if I told you that 2022 could be the year where you change all of that and transform?! I know exactly how you feel because I’ve been there and so have many of the clients I’ve worked with. This is why I’ve put together this powerpacked 5 part video series that gives you the support, structure and shows you exactly how you can follow your dreams this year. So if you’re ready to make shit happen, click on the link and tap into the magic!

    Hi I'm Veronica

    A purpose coach, teacher, healer, spirit junkie and undercover shower singer. Welcome to my site.

    For the past 15 years I’ve been on a mission: to live my life with as much purpose, fulfilment and passion as possible. My life’s work has now enabled me to help you to do the same.

    I’d love to help you to understand what lights you on fire, makes your heart sing and to create the life of your dreams. I want you to know that your dreams are possible, you are capable and life has got your back. Let me show you how.

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    Lifestyle Empowerment

    Create a great sense of fulfillment, excitement, purpose and passion into all that you do.


    Feel clear about your wants, needs and desires and the best steps forward for you in life.


    Find strengths and freedom in being able to address your feelings and wellbeing.

    A sense of ease and stability through emotional and mental healing.

    The ability to support yourself through our well-being tools.

    Enhancement of your sense of purpose and fulfillment.

    Clarity in your wants, needs, dreams and desires through life mapping and implementation.

    Liberating yourself by healing past traumas, mental and emotional blocks.

    Spiritual enhancement, better energy and a deeper self-connection.

    Improved relationship to yourself, self-confidence & self-care.

    Better systems in place to nurture your lifestyle, in home, finances, creativity, health, business – whichever is required.

    What They’re Saying

    My experiences in sessions with Veronica felt completely natural, and at the same time extraordinary. This relationship of an energy healer and coach now feels totally essential to me. My health and life has continually improved - financially, emotionally, and also most importantly my relationship to myself. Veronica is very gifted, and you're lucky indeed if you cross paths with her.

    Hayley PowelActress

    I came to Veronica because my depression was starting to affect my work and studies. I wanted to find a way of dealing with my paranoia, my lack of self-confidence and to let myself be happy again. Working with Veronica has been amazing, she is very professional and caring and there is never any feeling that she is judging you. She genuinely cares for her clients. Her warm inviting energy makes her stand out from other practitioners, her work is such a big part of her life that it is in everything she does, it gives me the confidence that not only does she know and love what she's doing but she can help me.

    The coaching and NLP sessions forced me to look past all of my self-doubt and paranoia to help me see that success is possible and very achievable. They helped me in my day-to-day life, reconditioning my brain to see the good in things, not overlooking the bad but seeing that I can fix it.I have gained a lot of confidence in myself and don't feel like I am constantly struggling anymore. I would recommend Veronica to other people as she has managed to help me when I thought I was beyond help, giving me hope and confidence.
    I still use Veronica's services for Life Coaching as I feel that even with the progress I have made, she can still help me to further myself.


    Working with Veronica throughout my sessions was eye opening, liberating, inspiring and most importantly simple. I was ready to set up a business and wanted support to get started. I came out of these sessions with a more structured day/week/life,I became more productive and made great progress. What I didn't expect was that I’d also create a stronger relationship with my partner, a healthier relationship with my friends and a better understanding of myself.

    I would most certainly recommend Veronica and her life coaching sessions to anyone wanting to make a change in your life but not quite knowing how and anyone just wanting a deeper understanding of yourself and what makes you happy and how to implement this into your everyday life through the tiniest of changes. Through these tiny changes it's amazing how quickly you see big results.

    I will continue to see Veronica whenever I think I need a little help restructuring my life as it continues to evolve around me.

    Amber FairrieDirector of Twiggy & Co

    I started coaching with Veronica because I was wanting to improve my personal life. I had lost my self-confidence after some bad experiences.
    I had talked to a psychologist that had helped but not enough. Veronica on one hand is more like a coach who helps us set clear objectives. So from very early on, I knew which direction I wanted to go in and what I wanted to achieve with her! On the other hand, since we practice meditation, NLP and energy healing, her practice goes much deeper than just talking. She managed to help me to discover some of the unconscious blocks that I have so that I can learn to let them go. She is a very warm and caring lady so her approach is always extremely loving, which is important when we have to face unconscious fears.

    I feel I have learned a lot about myself, I feel much happier and stronger than I think I have ever felt… I am still not exactly where I would like to be right now but I am happy with my progress and I still work with Veronica. I have already recommended Veronica to my cousin who very much enjoyed her sessions too and I will definitely continue to recommend her to other people too!

    Caroline MarchandSolicitor

    I started coaching with Veronica because I needed help with organisation, time management, establishing routines, setting goals and being more specific!
    Working with Veronica was great- the sessions were super. Her approach was direct and we used our time well. The sessions challenged me immediately and helped me to break bad habits and to stop making excuses and burying my head firmly in that naughty sand!!!!!

    I’ve now gained an awareness of how to be present and in control. It's amazing how little guided tweaks can make such a big difference to what can be accomplished in a day, let alone a lifetime! Small steps helped to de-stress my everyday working life, de-clutter my home life and to fine tune what I am trying to build, create and achieve in both work and life.

    Veronica's manner and coaching style are flawless. Her calm yet direct approach creates a perfect setting for embarking on the road to positive change, empowerment and life satisfaction.

    I whole-heatedly recommend to anyone to book some time with this special girl.

    Thank you Veronica.

    Sophie KerslakeTeacher and musician


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