Advanced Reiki – Level 2

Welcome, Reiki Level 2 practitioners.
It’s been wonderful staying connected to your progress in your Reiki journey.
My dream is for you all to feel confident, free flowing and supported as you continue your Reiki journey, whether it’s for personal or professional use.

I’d like to invite you to join me for an Advanced Training day to uplevel your practice. You will leave this session feeling more confident in providing sessions, with a plan to complete certification and more importantly the support and nurturing required to improve your skills, enhance your intuition and expand your ability to trust and lean into the energetic guidance.

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The Benefits:


Deepen your intuition, deepen your practice.


Iron out any niggles that have been coming up for you in your Reiki practice, even if it’s that you haven’t been practising!


Learn additional energy clearing tools.


Learn to free flow and PLAY while giving a Reiki session, while still honouring the structure.


Receive support in completing your certifications.


Get a chance to nurture your connections within the community.


A 50% off voucher to Receive Reiki from me.


Continued support moving forward.

Reiki Level 2 – Advanced

In-Person Training
Sunday 10th September – 10.30am – 6pm

Reiki Level 2 – Advanced

Online Follow-Up Class
Monday 30th October – 7pm – 90 mins

What you’ll learn:

Morning Class:
Landing In – Energy Alignment Meditation
Regroup – Q & A,  a chance to share what’s going well in your practice and what you need help with. 
Intuition Activation – Further nurturing the expansion of your intuition by releasing blocks and learning to TRUST. 
Reiki Demo – A chance to see me give a session once more. I’ll be sharing new tips with you in how to work with energy using somatics, sound, breath, and psychic surgery.
Practice – Practice using somatics, sound, breath, and psychic surgery on yourself to prepare for the afternoon free flow. 

Community Lunch: We can book a spot to sit down and have lunch together, to further nurture the community. Please note that this is not included as part of the course. 

Afternoon Class:
Reiki Play – The opportunity to combine structure with free flowing play. This will be a fun and explorative workshop, where you’ll get to provide healing to many different people in the day, use tools to support your practice, have support and guidance at hand and receive feedback.
Receive Reiki – This is your chance to be the client. Receive healing, notice what it feels like, what works and what to improve.
Coaching for Development – Each of you will receive a structure and an accountability buddy to ensure that you complete your certification and ensure that your Reiki practice is up to speed whether you want to work with the public or not. 

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What you’ll receive:

⭐ 1 Full-day of in-person training
⭐ 2 – Energy Alignment sessions
⭐ Coaching & accountability to improve your practice & complete certification
⭐ The chance to give and receive Reiki for an afternoon with guidance and tools to play with.
⭐ A £45 voucher towards a 60 minute Reiki session with me, so that you can experience receiving Reiki in a professional session.
⭐ 1 Online workshop – to fine-tune your practice, share with community, stay accountable and receive support in any hurdles that you may be facing.

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Pricing: £ 200

Refer a friend scheme.

For any of you who refer a friend to my upcoming Reiki course, you will receive £50 off the course booking for both you and your friend.
Simply email me with both of your names once you have both booked.

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