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Stress in the workplace has been increasing over the years and as we recover from this pandemic which has caused incredible strain on people’s lives in a multitude of ways it’s now more than ever imperative that companies offer support to their staff to enhance their mental, emotional and physical wellness.

A report created by the Health and Safety Executive states that in 2019/20 there were an estimated 828,000 workers affected by work-related stress, depression or anxiety. This represents 2,440 per 100,000 workers and results in an estimated 17.9 million working days lost.

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Since the pandemic we have seen an increase in depression, anxiety, suicide, and domestic violence to name but a few. By offering support in the workplace, we can not only improve the overall wellbeing of our employees but we can also improve the culture and productivity within the workplace. It’s a win-win all around.

By nurturing the wellbeing of your employees, your business could see dramatic improvements not only in the mental and emotional health of the team but also in the following:

  • More sick days
  • Delayed productivity
  • Low employee work satisfaction
  • Shorter stay in roles
  • Poor workplace culture
  • Ineffective managers
  • Lack of work satisfaction
  • Poor work-life balance
  • Peer conflict/ bullying and harassment
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By putting some love back into our staff and making health and wellbeing easy and accessible within our businesses we could see dramatic improvements within the mental and emotional health of our staff and also in the following:


Improved staff morale


Fewer sick days


Fewer sick days


Improved office dynamics


Positive reviews from staff boost brand


Increased productivity

Personal Performance Coaching sessions.

These sessions are available for your staff on a 1-1 basis. The aim is to improve the team member’s quality of life and sense of fulfillment by addressing areas within their personal life and also within their career that require improvement and fine tuning. Your team members will receive support in healing emotionally, creating a better mindset and perspective, practical planning and solution based exercises to create positive changes both at home and at work. They’ll also be given tools to self-soothe and understand easy and effective ways to manage stress, anxiety and any personal conflicts. The results will enable your employee to feel happier, confident and clearer about how to get the best out of life and their work. Their overall sense of well-being will be nurtured and this also has a positive domino effect on those around them.

Mindset, Meditation and Healing Sessions

If you’re looking for a way to provide ongoing support to your staff to aid their sense of calm, a positive mindset and outlook and also provide relief from stress, anxiety, tension and mind fog then this is the perfect solution for you.

These group sessions are easy, relaxing and fun and encourage your staff to explore the power of suggestion, healing and meditation to improve their connection to themselves and each other whilst enhancing their sense of wellbeing.

Having regular online classes will enable a sense of wellbeing to be accessible to all of your staff and will keep them topped up and uplifted during the work week.

Each session explores meditation, personal development, mindfulness, energy healing and coaching tools to help your team feel calm, clear headed and nurtured mentally, emotionally and energetically.

Wellness, Reflexology & Healing Workshops

A fun way to bring awareness to the team about the fascinating healing modality of reflexology. This workshop guides participants through a DIY reflexology journey. Learning all about the natural healing capabilities of the body and learning easy pressure points to relieve pain, release stress and anxiety and generate a sense of wellbeing from your desk. This session is fun, educational and healing and can be tailored with any particular focus, such as “healing stress and anxiety” or “heal your desk posture through your hands”.

What They’re Saying

We were thrilled to have Veronica collaborate with Noisily for 2 years running, hosting workshops and 1-1 healing in the Mind Body Soul area. Veronica’s sessions were always fun, informative and encouraged participants to explore different techniques from emotional healing, reflexology, meditation, coaching, self-care and energy healing to leave them feeling uplifted, nourished and rejuvenated over the festival weekend. With 15 years experience up her sleeve it’s no wonder her sessions are always deeply therapeutic. Veronica brings a special energy and sparkle, going above and beyond in all she offers, and is an absolute pleasure to work with. We highly recommend Veronica for workshops, corporate wellness events and 1-1 support and look forward to having her join us again in the future.

Hely Cameron & Florence Cannon Audley, Mind Body Soul curation at Noisily Festival.

Veronica brought Mind Management & Meditation sessions to LND CBD over the course of a year and alongside her other offerings of reflexology, massage and coaching it proved to be incredibly beneficial in supporting the wellbeing of clients and team members alike.
Her unique ability to blend highly effective techniques in healing, personal development, mindset shifts, energy healing and meditation means she’s able to support people effectively mentally, emotionally and physically. I would highly recommend Veronica to anyone who wants to improve their wellbeing and lifestyle, whether it’s 1-1, for your employees or through her workshops.
Luzi Pods -Head of Operations of LDN CBD

Veronica hosted healing & meditation sessions at our gallery DeParma on Fulham Rd for 6 months and they were hugely popular. Every 2 weeks, she warmly welcomed a group and guided them through some amazing techniques. It’s clear that she is passionate about helping people. I found that regardless as to whether people were experienced or inexperienced in healing, meditation and coaching, she was able to instantly put everyone at ease and make the process accessible to everyone. At the end of each session, the group were always noticeably more relaxed, soothed and happy. There were always many repeat attendees which I think spoke for itself.

Gary DeSparhamformer owner of DeParma

The Elevation Hub sessions gave an instant impact on me and our team. It helped me to call out my brain this morning for unnecessary (fictional!) work stresses it generates in my sleep which wake me up hours earlier than I would like. Normally that's it, I can't get back sleep, but today using Veronica's teachings I managed to get straight back to sleep and it saved me from having another tough day.
That was a big deal alone but this session went way beyond and helped me purge negative energies and visualize positive life outcomes which was a theme several others of Veronica's guests also expressed. Veronica Amarelle - You are a brilliant healer and brilliant person. Thank you.

Chris BrandlerOwner & Director of Brandler London

We worked with Veronica last year as part of a wellness series for Yahoo! UK. During the pandemic we provided video tutorials for our online audience and Veronica contributed to a number of these videos. The views across the series exceeded 11 million. Veronica was a pleasure to work with and offered some much-needed calm during a particularly challenging time.

Gabriella Colasurdo

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