Emotional Healing Workshop

2 day emotional healing experience.

This complimentary workshop is available to offer support to you to enhance your wellbeing and deepen your self-connection.

Connecting to our emotions and nurturing them is an incredibly empowering experience. I’d like to invite you to play with some techniques to help you to overcome unpleasant emotions and gain a deeper understanding of your body.

This workshop is great for anyone who:

– Would like to explore how to heal stress & anxiety

– Feels overwhelmed by their emotions or yo-yos emotionally

– Would like to have a better understanding of their emotions

– Is curious about energy healing & personal development

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Over the the course of two videos you will receive support in:

Enhancing your connection to yourself

Bringing awareness to your emotions

Exploring the benefits of energy healing

Receiving deep emotional and energetic healing

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These two classes have been designed as a warm up into the Emotional Empowerment course which is available on my course page. It’s an online course designed to help you to ease stress & anxiety, support emotional healing, enhance your sense of spirituality and your ability to be your own healer.