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What is it?

So many of us aren’t taught how to deal with and relate to our emotions which can create significant imbalances in our lives. With so many hurdles that life throws at us we experience an array of emotions on a daily basis and sometimes they pass with ease and sometimes they end up getting bottled up or trapped in the body. 

These emotions quite often create triggers when they are unresolved and may ‘act out’ in order to be acknowledged later on down the line. Unresolved emotions can limit us from living our lives freely. We can block ourselves from following our passions or behaving in an authentic way because we are scared or worried. We may feel blocks in our body where we can’t quite act as we’d like, express ourselves as we’d like or even find the courage to do things that are important to us.

How can it help you? 

In acknowledging unresolved emotions and healing and validating them we can come to a place of harmony internally and liberate ourselves from past traumas and experiences. 

I use a plethora of easy, creative and explorative coaching, NLP and personal development techniques to enable you to tap into your emotions, understand them, heal them and resolve them. Through these processes you will then be able to create a sense of: 

  • Ease: In loving and resolving your emotions from the past & present.
  • Clarity: Have a better understanding of your needs and a better perspective. 
  • Connection: Deepening your relationship to yourself and others. 
  • Empowerment: Find strengths and freedom in being able to address your feelings and wellbeing. 

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