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NLP is an incredible coaching and healing modality. It has changed my life in so many ways and this is why I am so passionate about using the tools and techniques that I have learnt from this practice to support and empower my clients.

NLP refers to Neuro Linguistic Programming, a series of processes used to shift the way that we experience reality. It empowers and values the potential of each person, understanding that all behaviours and thoughts can be nurtured to create a more empowering experience.

Through NLP we are able to reprogram our minds, emotions and behaviour through the use of language. When you truly start to understand that your perception of the world is simply a perception and that you can choose to rewrite the way that you relate to your experiences the world around you changes.

Our map of the world is built through the senses, your sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell, through our thoughts and through our feelings. The attachment and story that we build around these thoughts and feeling creates our perception of a good or bad experience. By creating space between you and these experiences and then playing around with the senses connected to them, you can shift the attachment to unpleasant experiences and empower and amplify pleasant ones.

NLP can help you in many ways, some of my favourites include:

  • Building your confidence
  • Releasing worries and fears
  • Changing your mental narrative
  • Deepening your connection to yourself in a playful way
  • Creating positive associations with how you feel about certain experiences

We all have the power to be the designers of our own reality. All that is required are the tools to make it happen. I find it incredibly inspiring to see my clients evolve as a result of this powerful modality.

Book a call with me today to discover how 1-1 support can help you to maximise your life experience, or if you’re already all in, please book one of my transformative packages.

About Veronica Amarelle – Life coach and NLP practitioner Lisbon

I qualified in Level 5 Reflexology, Raynor Massage, Indian head massage, Huna Energy, Dreamwork and went on to train as an NLP Master, Personal Performance Coach, Level 4 Energetic NLP practitioner and Sound Healer.

The amazing thing about immersing yourself in the realm of health and wellbeing is that the more you learn, the more you heal yourself, and the more that you heal yourself, the more that you can help others. It becomes a beautiful feedback loop of deep healing, inspiration, learning and growth.

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