Reiki Levels 1 & 2

Wonderful human, I’m delighted to invite you to join me for Reiki Levels 1 & 2. It’s going to be an incredibly rewarding journey and I trust that Reiki will bring as much added joy to your life as it has for me.

Whether you want to learn Reiki to gain tools for your own self-healing and personal growth or if you wish to support others through their journey, this course will provide you with the tools that you require to embrace energy work into your life and beyond. During this training we will be following the Dr Usui Lineage, alongside a wealth of knowledge available to you from different energetic modalities.

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The Benefits:


Improved energy levels.


A deeper connection to yourself & others.


Enhanced intuition.


Ability to heal yourself and others.


Deeper sense of support.


Fun tools and exercises to play with to improve your personal development and self-care.


A new career if you wish to go down that path.


Encouragement of the body to heal any current disorders.

Reiki Level 1

Sunday 17th Oct – 10.30am – 5.30/6pm

Continue support via WhatsApp outside of class.


Reiki Level 2

Saturday 7th Oct – 2.30pm – 7.30pm
Sunday 8th Oct – 10.30am – 5.30/6pm

Online follow-up class
Monday 6th Nov – 7pm


What you’ll learn:

Level 1:
✨ Channelling energy
✨ Protecting and clearing your energy
✨ The history of Reiki
✨ How to self-heal
✨ The chakras and how to work with them
✨ Structure & accountability for your home practice

Level 2:
✨ Reiki symbols for levels 1 & 2, what they mean and how to use them
✨ How to heal others through Reiki and conduct a healing session
✨ Distant healing
✨ How to compliment your life with Reiki
✨ The chakras and how to work with them continued
✨ Additional exercises for healing
✨ Guidance and accountability to continue your learning outside of the course.

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What you’ll receive:

⭐ 2 Energetic attunements to access Reiki energy & the symbols
⭐ 3 Days of training
⭐ 2 Training manuals
⭐ Support in-between courses, via Whatsapp
⭐ Continued training guidance after each course
⭐ Reiki friends to learn with
⭐ Reiki certificates
⭐ The opportunity to join an energy healing community to maintain your skills and use of energy work
⭐ A follow up, online class 1 month after Level 2, to answer questions, improve your skills & practice and exchange with others.
⭐ A £45 Reiki voucher towards a 1-1 session with your teacher (only available to those attending level 2).
⭐ Guidance on how to set up your own practice.

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Pricing: £ 555

Refer a friend scheme.

Book this course with a friend and receive £50 off your course booking for both you and your friend.
Simply email me with both of your names once you have both booked.

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