The Energy Elevation Method

Master Your Energy – Master Your Life

Emotional, Energetic & Lifestyle Transformations.

If you’ve landed on this page, it’s because you are ready to bring the marvels of energy work into your life.

Embracing the energetics of your reality creates a sense of depth, knowingness, empowerment in your ability to show up for yourself, synergy in your relationships and a real feeling of lightness, love and elevation in your body. Curious?

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Welcome to an online programme that will expand the way that you relate to the world and your power to create. Energy work is an incredibly fun, transformational and potent way to enjoy the dance of life through every personal death & rebirth, come rain or shine.

Learning practices to enhance your day to day with conscious intention and energetic practices will allow you to relate to the world in a completely different way. As you start to realise that you are part of the dance of life and in every moment you are contributing towards how it unfolds, your capacity to play with life and nurture it will expand monumentally and you’ll begin to truly understand the influence that you have as a creator.

Imagine showing up for a meeting already having set up the energy of the interactions and ensuring clear, collaborative communication.

Imagine feeling more energised in your daily life and in your body after reducing energy leaks, getting comfortable with boundaries and having the tools to ‘plug in’ to an energy source, anytime, anywhere.

Imagine planning and nurturing your life by prioritising the things that feed, elevate and energise you and limiting that which does not.

All of this and so much more is at your fingertips.

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What’s Included

Elevate your energy on this 16 week journey which will empower you to connect to life in a whole new way. Following the 3 pillars of the Energy Elevation Method you will learn to nurture your emotional healing, energetic alignment & lifestyle empowerment through energy healing practices, all designed to amplify your fulfilment in life by becoming the master of your own energy.


16 live energy elevation classes over zoom.


A library with all of the course recordings.


Energy work audios to enhance your self practice.


Hot-seat, energy alignment, coaching sessions.


Cacao ceremonies to nurture the power of ritual.


An interactive support group outside of our calls.


Handouts on exercises & practices.


A community for you to elevate within, learn & grow.

Master your inner wisdom, intuition & inner guidance.

Feel reassured in living from your truth & knowing what’s right for you.

Become your own healer, heal your body, emotions & headspace.

Empower yourself by knowing that you can heal/support yourself through anything.

Master your space, bring energy clearing into your home & workplace.

Choose how you want the energy of these spaces to support your needs & sense of flow.

Identify and plug energy leaks in your life that are wasting your energy.

Have more time and energy for the things that fulfil you and light you up.

Energise your lifestyle by nurturing everything that energetically feeds you.

When your choices energise and elevate you, you will feel uplifted and with a greater capacity for life.

Build new life rhythms to elevate your energy and fuel you with vitality.

Learn to make you, your first priority & in doing so maximise your energy for all.

Create a lifestyle audit to start living an energetically elevated, aligned & purposeful reality.

Choose what you invest your time in so that life feels rich and inspiring.

Empower the energy of your projects, relationships & life events.

Master energetic practices to fuel everything that’s important to you with success.

Me and why me.

We live in a time where most of us are burnt out, have lost that spark for life, feel disconnected from ourselves and one another and are quite often going through the motions. We only get to do this ride once. It’s time for life to feed you, enrich you, enchant you and for you to fall in love with yourself all over again. Most people wait until they become severely sick, depressed or have a breakdown before making important changes in their world. I invite you to get ahead of that, listen NOW to what your body and internal guidance is driving you towards so that you have everything that you need to feel energetically aligned and empowered. Make life work for you and with you, instead of you for it.

I’m Veronica, an advanced energy worker, personal development specialist, Reiki teacher, body worker and personal performance coach. I have spent the past 16 years learning everything that I can to enhance my sense of wellbeing, empower my life and to refine my abilities as a spiritual guide. After spending much of my life using these tools to guide myself through what felt like endless deaths and renewals, it is now time to share these many gifts and my wealth of experience with those who also wish to embrace the infinite exploration of mastering energy work.

All of the concepts and techniques that I teach in this program are techniques that have changed my life, my work, relationships and how I show up for myself. In nurturing my connection with my own inner wisdom and making my sense of fulfilment and meaningfulness in life non-negotiable, I have noticed a vast evolution in my quality of life. Not only in thriving during the good times, but also in supporting myself through the tougher moments. I wish nothing more than to guide you in finding your own answers of how you too can embrace this personal empowerment and to guide you through the wonders of energetic play, along the way.

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Success Stories

Siouxsie went from struggling to prioritise self-care and working herself into the ground, to learning to take-stock, invest time in her creativity which lights her up, make time for me time and family time and knows how to re-align herself when she is spiralling. Her sense of empowerment and experience of ‘dreams coming true’ has been going from strength to strength in her personal life and professional life.

Siouxsie Dickens

Jules was so used to be present for others she didn't have any dreams of her own and felt numb in her ability to even connect to what she wanted. She went from being at hand to help everyone else in her family, working her socks off, feeling drained and often overwhelmed, to learning to prioritise what’s important, consistently making time to receive energy alignment & healing, making time for fun and self-care to fill her cup, especially when times were busy, to having the courage to listen to her inner wisdom that was once muted and having dreams and goals of her own. Her ability to keep strong and support herself through challenging times has skyrocketed, she has an incredible ability to reframe challenges in life and is the pillar of strength in her family.

Jules B

Amelia went from feeling heavy and overwhelmed by traumatic family dynamics, feeling drained from the energies of the public and feeling anxious to go outdoors, to having a better ability to separate her energy from the energy of others, being able to heal herself from family traumas, empowering her mindset to embrace being out in public and feeling deeply supported by the power of community that is available in our group.

Amelia Garcia

“Veronica’s energetic mastery program really saved me during a particularly testing time in my life. I signed up to the course as I wanted to gain control over my emotions instead of finding them overwhelming. I wanted to confront them and channel them towards something more positive and enlightening, rather than ignoring and suppressing them. The grounding exercises formed a great foundation for me as it taught me how important it is to take a pause whenever necessary to just focus on these feelings and gain a better balance. The group was such a pleasure to be a part of, especially during lockdown where there were often days of feeling quite wretched. We listened to each other and Veronica helped us understand our emotions and tailor them to gain power and a better understanding of ourselves.
I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone. Energy healing was a completely new experience for me and it really helped me stay positive during a very challenging time in my life. Thank you Veronica!”

Vicky Ford

“The Energetic Elevation course was a beautiful experience to be a part of, and came to me at the right time.
Veronica adds her own touch of magic, guiding you through a range of energy healing and meditations which are incredible tools for identifying and clarifying your emotions.
By embracing meditation, I have helped to unlock a sense of calm I never knew I had, enabling me to deal with a hectic lifestyle and helping me begin my journey with grief.
I'm so very pleased I gave my sceptical self a kick in the right direction and trying this course.
It's given me some true insight to myself, clearing out some bad habits and unlocking my true potential which I have hidden for a long time.
I'd recommend this course to anyone who feels a little lost or stuck in a rut, in need of some focus or looking to change direction.
Veronica is a wonderful teacher and a magical human. You are in great hands.”

Kat Dendy

I was in a dark place when I started this course. It really helped me to feel better equipped and like I had more tools to tap into, if I felt low again.
I took the VIP package including personal coaching sessions. Working with Veronica is like working with a counsellor, a life coach, an energy healer and a friend all rolled into one.”

Alice Anon

Pick Your Energy Elevation Method Package

COURSE START DATE: 30th May 2023

The Energy Elevation Method Course

$ 99

Per Month
  • 16 live calls
  • Audio recordings to support your at home practice
  • Accountability support
  • Personalised support on live calls
  • Handouts on class topics
  • Support group
Investment: £1250
4 payments of £312.50
Pay all in one installment and receive a free, online, energy healing session with me worth £100. 
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The Energy Elevation Method Package

$ 99

Per Month
  • 16 live calls
  • Audio recordings to support your at home practice
  • Accountability support
  • Personalised support on live calls
  • Handouts on class topics
  • Support group
  • 1 monthly private coaching/energy alignment session (4 sessions in total).
Investment: £1750
4 payments of £437.50
Pay all in one installment and receive a free, online, energy healing session with me worth £100. 
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The Energy Elevation Method - Empowerment Package

$ 99

Per Month
  • 16 live calls
  • Audio recordings to support your at home practice
  • Accountability support
  • Personalised support on live calls
  • Handouts on class topics
  • Support group
  • Weekly private coaching/energy healing sessions for those that are ready to go deep, all in and really create HUGE personal expansion (14 sessions in total).
Investment: £3000.00
4 payments of £750.50
Pay all in one installment and receive a free, online, energy healing session with me worth £100. 
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