Ultimate Wellness Program

The Ultimate Wellness Programme is a 12 week healing programme designed to give you a complete life overhaul.

I know what it’s like to feel physically drained, for your body to feel out of balance and your nervous system depleted. Sometimes life can take its toll on us and before we know it, we feel completely lost, in pain, dissatisfied with the life that we see around us and unsure of how to improve things.

Perhaps it feels like you’re experiencing depression or anxiety. Maybe you feel stuck in your job or your home life and don’t know how to change it. Sometimes it can seem as though you’ve lost the magic and spark of life and have no idea how to get it back.

It’s common for this kind of experience to arise for many people. Please know that you are not alone. The hardest part of all of this is not knowing what to do about it, where to start and who to ask for help.

I created this package for those of you in need of a mental, emotional and physical re-boot.

Over a 12 week period we will use in-depth coaching techniques to identify and rebuild life habits which are more supportive and fulfilling both physically, mentally and emotionally allowing you to start to make your life work for you rather than you working for your life.

While we work together to remap your external world, you will also receive emotional and physical support through energy healing and weekly body treatments ensuring that your physical body is supported and strengthened during your recovery.

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The Benefits


Emotional healing

Receive in depth healing emotionally allowing you to resolve moments of the past and strengthen a sense of stability.

Energetic/Spiritual healing

Deepen your connection to yourself and re-energise your body, mind and spirit.

Physical realignment

Receive the physical healing that you need to feel balanced, energised and supported in your body, mind and emotions.

Lifestyle empowerment

Map out what’s important to you in life, what’s not working for you and make manageable steps towards creating the right adjustments.

A sense of purpose & fulfillment

Nurture your life enjoyment by investing your energy into your own wellbeing and passions.

Taking charge of your wellbeing and happiness

Feel empowered by getting into the driver’s seat of how you want to feel and what you want your life to look like.

During this period you will receive:

Weekly reflexology sessions

Rebalance your bodily systems, heal physical imbalances, rebalance your energy levels and create a sense of calm.

Weekly coaching sessions

Heal your emotions, connect to your needs & desires and fine tune your life so that it enriches you.

Access to the Elevation Hub online events

Access 3 monthly healing events to improve your wellbeing with our online community

Access to the Elevation Hub library of resources

Explore our video library to have healing sessions available as needed

Access to the Elevation Hub Facebook community

Be part of a community of like minded people, all nurturing their wellbeing too

Your own personalised support group

Have team Healed Soles having your back while you work through your healing journey.



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What They’re Saying

"I went to go and see Veronica after suffering from panic attacks and anxiety for weeks. Medication doesn't agree with me. On the day I had my first reflexology session I felt 80% better...After that I booked a 12 week course for reflexology and Coaching and I am on my 1st week and I'm feeling so much better and in more in control with everything. Veronica is a special woman and I instantly felt connected to her spirit. I am grateful I have met her on this journey and I hope she knows how amazing she is and that she is appreciated. Thank you Veronica x"

Ashley Rae

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