The Emotional Empowerment Course

It’s time to feel centered, clear minded, at ease and connected to your inner power.

We’ve all been having quite the ride lately. Maintaining a sense of mental and emotional wellbeing can be challenging. While it may be difficult to control what’s happening in the outside world, what we CAN do is nurture ourselves as much as possible and deepen our connection with ourselves and each other.

I’ve noticed some common themes amongst my clients and community, and you might relate to some of them. 

Do you frequently experience stress and anxiety and would like to be able to heal and resolve your feelings?

Do you find that you get overwhelmed easily in your day to day life and want to feel more at ease?

Do you often yo-yo with big highs and lows and are ready to feel more stable and centered?

Are you tired of your emotions dis-empowering you rather than empowering you?

If the answer to any of these is yes,


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What’s included

Over the course of 4 weeks, I will guide you through a beautiful healing journey enabling you to learn simple yet highly effective techniques to step into the driver’s seat of your own wellbeing and more importantly nurture an incredible relationship with yourself.


4 Pre- Recorded Videos/ Classes


4 Healing audios.


PDFs for each class.


3 month's access to the Elevation Hub events to enhance your healing experience, while ensuring you receive support & community.


Access to the Elevation Hub resource library of energy healing and wellbeing events.


Access to the Elevation Hub's private facebook group for support and community.

Feel empowered, incharge of your emotional wellness and centred.

Trust yourself and trust life.

Move past old emotions & habits that make us feel stuck.

Clear your mind of clutter.

Enhance your connection to your instincts and inner wisdom.

Enhance your sense of love, fun and magic in your life.

Build habits to love, support and heal yourself with ease.

Learn fun ways to experiment with energy healing, spirituality and meditation.

Me and why me.


I’m Veronica, an advanced energy worker, personal development specialist and purpose coach. I have spent the past 15 years learning everything that I can to enhance my sense of wellbeing and to refine my abilities as a spiritual guide. After experiencing anxiety and depression for many years, I knew that I needed to become an expert in self care and healing.

All of the techniques that I teach in this training are techniques that have changed my life. Each of them have had a profound impact on my ability to heal myself, connect with my own inner wisdom and instinct and have enhanced my quality of life. I share these with you with love and know that they will support you just as much as they have supported me.

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What They’re Saying

The Emotional Empowerment course really saved me during a particularly testing time in my life. I signed up to the course as I wanted to gain control over my emotions instead of finding them overwhelming. I wanted to confront them and channel them towards something more positive and enlightening, rather than ignoring and suppressing them. The grounding exercises formed a great foundation for me as it taught me how important it is to take a pause whenever necessary to just focus on these feelings and gain a better balance. The group was such a pleasure to be a part of, especially during lockdown where there were often days of feeling quite wretched. We listened to each other and Veronica helped us understand our emotions and tailor them to gain power and a better understanding of ourselves.

I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone. Energy healing was a completely new experience for me and it really helped me stay positive during a very challenging time in my life. Thank you Veronica!

Vicky Ford

The Emotional Empowerment Course was a beautiful experience to be a part of, and came to me at the right time.
Veronica adds her own touch of magic, guiding you through a range of energy healing and meditations which are incredible tools for identifying and clarifying your emotions.

By embracing meditation, I have helped to unlock a sense of calm I never knew I had, enabling me to deal with a hectic lifestyle and helping me begin my journey with grief.
I'm so very pleased I gave my skeptical self a kick in the right direction and trying this course.
It's given me some true insight to myself, clearing out some bad habits and unlocking my true potential which I have hidden for a long time.

I'd recommend this course to anyone who feels a little lost or stuck in a rut, in need of some focus or looking to change direction.
Veronica is a wonderful teacher and a magical human. You are in great hands.

Kat Dendy

Enrolling on Veronica’s Emotional Empowerment course was just what I needed. At a time of such uncertainty, the tools I learned, and continue to use, help to keep me grounded. Recognising how to tap into your own energy and meditative self care is a powerful skill to hone. Learning how to listen to your body and literally empower yourself is magic. Veronica is pure magic!

Bethan Taylor

I would recommend this course to anyone. Mindfulness and well-being is on everyone’s lips. This course is very effective for people who have busy, racing minds because it gets you into your body. You become in tune with your whole self and it makes a huge difference to creating calm. The physical shifts are remarkable when doing the energy healing aspects of this course. Any tension in the body dissolves.

Aoife Nic

The Emotional Empowerment course that Veronica ran came at a time where I had felt lost, and simultaneously; emotionally overwhelmed with negative feelings. The course helped me to work through past emotions that were causing negative triggers in my everyday life. The healing practices she put in place helped me pick apart these emotions and recognise the reasons they were coming up and what to do about them. Meditation is now part of my everyday life and I can't imagine not doing it now. It was an amazing eye-opening experience that helped me so much with everyday tricky/anxious situations that before I would have really struggled with. Now; I feel my footsteps are a little lighter and a weight has lifted from my shoulders, having been able to see clearer and to be a little kinder to myself."

Nadia Tate

This course was wonderful for me. I learnt how to use meditation and energy healing in a time that I was very stressed with family problems. It helped me to stay positive and also helped me to relax and feel better in my body. I really felt more grounded. I loved the community also. Having the group to share with was very uplifting. Veronica is very good at teaching. She show's a lot of kindness and makes it easy to understand the exercises and work with them. I am very grateful to her. Thank you.

Amelia Garcia

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