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Deeply Restorative Healing

Reflexology therapy Lisbon

You will love the healing benefits of reflexology. A deeply restorative treatment that massages you from the inside out. Reflexology is a powerful healing tool designed to bring the body into a state of homeostasis (complete balance). Using a combination of acupressure and massage this treatment will leave you feeling incredibly relaxed and reset on a physical, mental and emotional level. You will experience relief like no other through this incredible thorough therapy.

Reflexology is the perfect treatment for you if you:

  • Require support with your internal bodily systems

  • Are experiencing acute physical pain

  • Are having problems with your energy levels and nothing else seems to be working

  • Need hormonal support

Reflexology therapy Lisbon



Rebalancing the nervous system


Stimulating the hormonal system to support mood, energy and a sense of balance


Supporting the digestive system to aid digestion, elimination and mood


Releasing tension from the body, with particular focus to the spine


Improved circulation & detoxification of the body


Relief of pain (back, arthritis, migraine etc)


Relief of stress, anxiety and depression


Balancing of the body’s systems


Encouragement of the body to heal any current disorders


Post-operative recovery by decreasing pain and increasing healing

In depth consultation

An in depth consultation to ensure that the session is tailored to your individual needs, inclusive of physical, metal, emotional and energetic imbalances.

Massage and acupressure

A combination of massage and acupressure applied to the feet and sometimes to the hands if necessary.


An ambient space for you to relax in, including music, soft lighting and a massage table for your comfort.

Add ons

The opportunity to choose add ons to deepen the relaxation of your session including Indian Head Massage or Reiki.


Feedback at the end of your session of anything that was found in the treatment and suggestions on how to further support your body and self-care if appropriate.


Spiritual enhancement, better energy, and a deeper self-connection.


If you would like to have an add on to your reflexology therapy appointment to make it extra special, you can enjoy these two services as well. Alternatively, you can book either service as a stand-alone.

Indian Head Massage

Also known as Champissage, this treatment is a combination of acupressure and massage of the face, head, neck and shoulder, which will leave you feeling relaxed, nourished and floating on cloud nine. It’s also an excellent therapy to improve physical and emotional health including:

  • Relieving headaches

  • Neck and upper back pain

  • Insomnia

  • Sinusitis

  • Carpel tunnel syndrome

  • Temporomandibular joint syndrome

  • Stress

  • Hair growth

  • Facial palsy

  • Suitable for pregnant women

Indian head massage - Reflexology therapy Lisbon
reflexology therapy lisbon head massage


A Japanese technique of natural healing. By channeling energy through the palms, Reiki holistically treats any emotional, physical, mental or spiritual imbalances to bring about a great sense of well being and relaxation. This treatment can support you in:

  • Gaining clearer insights into areas of your life,

  • Finding a greater sense of balance in your emotions

  • Can help you to release stress and anxiety

  • Strongly improves your sense of vitality and life force

  • Can help to resolve unsettling moments from the past

  • Allows relief from physical pain and tension

Raynor Massage Lisbon

A full body massage like no other.

This treatment combines Indian head massage, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, chi release, reflexology and reiki to help to heal, soothe and de-stress your body from the inside out and the outside in. Here I specifically look for and focus on releasing the areas in your body with the most tension which in turn allows the natural flow of energy to realign in your system. This treatment can be a great support to:

  • Remove knots and tension in the body

  • Re-energize the system and body

  • Soothe emotional imbalances such as stress, anxiety and depression

  • Improve circulation and detoxification of the body

  • Not suitable for pregnant women in their first trimester

Pricing: Reflexology Therapy Lisbon


Single Session, 60 mins – 80€

Reflexology + IHM or Reiki

Single Session, 90 mins – 115 €

Reflexology, Reiki & IHM

Single Session,  120 min – 140 €

Package 1

60 min – 430€ (save 50€)

Based on 6 Sessions.

To be use within 6 months.

Package 2

90 min – 630€ (save 60€)

Based on 6 Sessions.

To be use within 6 months.

Package 3

120 min – 750€ (save 90€)

Based on 6 Sessions.

To be use within 6 months.

Pricing: Raynor Massage Lisbon

Raynor Massage

Focused Area Massage

Single Session, 60 mins – 85€

Raynor Massage

Full Body Massage

Single Session, 90 mins – 120 €

Raynor Massage

In-depth Full Body Massage

Single Session, 120 min – 150 €

Package 1

60 min – 450€ (save 60€)

Based on 6 Sessions.

To be use within 6 months.

Package 2

90 min – 650€ (save 70€)

Based on 6 Sessions.

To be use within 6 months.

Package 3

120 min – 800€ (save 100€)

Based on 6 Sessions.

To be use within 6 months.

Reflexology therapy Lisbon by Veronica Amarelle

About me

I’ve been working with alternative therapies for the past 15 years. Reflexology is an incredibly powerful healing tool and when combined with energy work, I have found that my clients experience excellent results in creating a sense of balance in their bodies as well as combatting their varying ailments. The benefits that these treatments provide on a physical, emotional and energetic level are second to none. My passion for reflexology has led me to being voted as one of London’s top 5 reflexologists by the London Magazine and I have flourished in supporting clients globally, including England, Ibiza, Switzerland and Portugal.

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What They’re Saying

Veronica had a warm and welcoming smile that was quick to put me at ease and make me feel relaxed. The treatment was not only thorough, as she asked me many questions about the health and needs but also extremely calming and soulful. She explained all my areas of concern and also told me what she had done in the treatment to aid with these, as well as offering advice on how to move forward. Thank you Veronica, for a beautiful experience. I would highly recommend her to others.

Camilla BolerDesigner

Veronica came to our house to provide reflexology, Indian head massage, and reiki treatments for me, my husband, and my 11 year old daughter. She did a great job of setting up candles and incense to create the right atmosphere, and we each took it in turns to see her. She is a truly gifted reflexologist. We all had ailments which we shared with her beforehand (digestive problems, painful shoulder), and she managed to find the exact right spot on our feet to treat those ailments. I don't know how she did it - it was one of the best reflexology treatments I have ever had (and I have had a lot). Of course, one treatment will not solve the problems, but I was surprised at how clearly it helped at the time! Veronica is truly dedicated to helping her clients heal and followed up with an email and tips to help us. We would highly recommend her services.

Dr. C. LockeProfessor @ The London School of Economics

I just wanted to post a recommendation about a wonderful reflexologist I used over the summer. I was wanting some reflexology sessions to help with some issues I had with my back, but also for some emotional problems I was trying to overcome and on here I found Veronica from Healed Soles. She is truly one of the kindest and warmest people I have ever met, and seems to have an infinite amount of patience and time to listen.

My sessions took place at home, and I was able to totally shut out the world and focus (or zone out) on the enormously relaxing and healing treatment. It brought to the fore some of the things I was trying to battle and has enabled me to deal with them positively in the weeks since.

Veronica is truly a good and gentle soul and I highly recommend you get in touch with her!

Emma DeNardiLandscaper and Mum

I contacted Veronica as I was looking for a reflexologist to support me while my partner and I started trying for a baby. I had been on the pill for 15 odd years and wanted to get my hormones in check and body ready to conceive. Veronica came to my home, set up a nice area where I'd be most comfortable and gave me the most lovely reflexology treatment. I only needed one! My baby was born last November 2015.
Thank you again for your assistance and wonderful hands of energy. I'm so happy.

Kirsty ButlerMum

I had the most amazing reflexology from a wonderful therapist. Veronica was very tentative and gave some great advice in creating a positive lifestyle before she began the reflexology session. I instantly felt relaxed, even before the treatment had started as Veronica created a lovely atmosphere with delicious smells and sounds. I was content and extremely peaceful throughout the treatment and felt very positive at the end. I have been suffering with a bad chest for months and I felt as though a weight was being lifted from my chest as the reflexology was being carried out, I was amazed at the instant relief that I felt. I found the session very beneficial and I am already looking forward to my next treatment. Thank you.

Lauren AtkinsonStrategic Project Manager at The Telegraph

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