The Ultimate Wellness Programme.

From Burn-out to Breakthrough.

For those of you in need of a mental, emotional and physical re-boot.  Sometimes we know that we feel out of sorts physically, energetically and emotionally and that our lives aren’t quite feeding us as we would like it to. Here’s an opportunity for a complete overhaul.

Over a 6 month journey we will work together to restructure how you live your life to ensure optimal health and well-being though the beautiful process of finetuning your inner world and your outer world.

Incremental changes in our lives can create a BIG difference.

Looking at the 3 pillars of emotional healing, spiritual alignment and lifestyle empowerment we will create important shifts so that you are nourished in mind, body, emotions and energy.

Life Style Transformation: Through this in-depth process we will complete a full-health audit, an energy leak assessment and a lifestyle mapping session to determine where your energy is going, how it’s being depleted and where we can create improvements to refill your cup and create a new life rhythm in a sustainable way. These practical structures will be your road map to outer world balance.

Emotional Healing: Alongside this we will deep dive into transformative emotional healing processes, expanding your sense of self-worth and “enoughness”. This can include healing of childhood trauma, timeline therapy, emotional connection and self-regulation. Unresolved emotions can add to imbalances in our inner world and life choices and it’s important to bring resolution and healing into this factor for long-lasting change.

Spiritual Alignment: We will also focus deeply on your spiritual alignment i.e your connection to your inner truth and wisdom, as designing your life from this place allows you to create from a place of balance as you listen to your body, needs and true desires at all times. This inner compass will guide you through all life endeavours from a place of trust.

This process will help you to thrive in both life and in business.

Each session will accompany deep energy healing, psychic channelling and huge energetic upgrades. The feeling of lightness, replenishment and sense of you coming home to a feeling that really feels like you will continually expand. This process is deep, powerful and hugely transformative and only for people who are truly ready to live differently. It’s time to make your life work for you rather than you working for your life.

The Benefits of Investing in your personalised Ultimate Wellness Programme


A wing woman to guide you through your own tailor made transformation.


Thorough assessment of your current lifestyle, circumstances, energy leaks and needs.


Deep emotional healing & self worth expansion.


Spiritual connection to your inner truth & wisdom.


Deep & transformative energy healing processes.


Nurturing of new habits and lifestyle choices.


Someone to see your blind sports and support you as you navigate them.


A safe space to heal, grow and nourish yourself.

Coaching Sessions

6 months weekly personal performance coaching sessions.

Energy Healing

6 months weekly energy expansion sessions.

Personalised Audios

Your own personalised healing & meditation audios.

Video Content

Access to the video library for your healing journey.

WhatsApp Support

Private access to me during working hours for additional support/accountability.

A Wing Woman

Someone to support you, cheer you on and pick you up when you fall.

Ultimate Wellness Programme Packages

6 Month Package

  •  Lifestyle Mapping, Health Audit & Energy Leak Assessments

  • x 18, 60 min, Transformational Coaching Sessions (3 p/m)

  • x 18 60 min Energy Healing Sessions (3 p/m)

  • x 5 Personal Healing audios to support your progress at home

  • x 6 Month’s access to the video library for your healing journey.

  • Support & accountability outside of sessions

Investment £10,000

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Hello! I’m Veronica,

Personal performance coach, energy healer, and wellbeing specialist.

I spent so many years of my life wanting help and not knowing where to find it. I was depressed, lacked direction, needed support, and needed a deeper connection to myself.

After spending a decade training, healing, exploring, and receiving support through coaches and a multitude of healers, I can finally say that I’ve overcome my traumas from the past and have designed a life that makes me dance and sing often. More importantly, when times are hard, I know exactly how to have my back.

I know how hard it can be to go through the process of healing and self-discovery and I also understand the courage that’s required to break the mold and follow your dreams. I consider it an honour to guide every person through their own process. The power of receiving the right support through life coaching and healing is priceless and I want to share all of the success that I’ve had with anyone who wants it.

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What They’re Saying

I took up life coaching with Veronica because I was feeling stuck emotionally and vocationally and not knowing which direction to go in. My self-confidence and self-esteem was afflicted because of this. I felt like I really needed to work on the connection that I had lost with myself. During my coaching with Veronica I was able to face my past and my present and acknowledge the emotions that I needed to heal. Veronica has helped me to realise my worth and the goals that I’d like to achieve professionally and personally and I cannot thank her enough.

Nadia TatePrint & Graphic Designer.

Working with Veronica 1-1 coaching for over a year was incredibly helpful as I navigated a period of big change in my life. I went from a corporate background to taking on a Masters in fine art and computation arts. It’s great working with her because she's a perfect balance of fun and seriousness. We always find something to laugh about. She has an amazing personality which really helps the work that we do together. The sessions have been so powerful and have helped me to understand myself, how I’m motivated and what the directions are that I want to take and what's right for me. She also helped me to learn useful skills so that I can better evaluate these things for myself. I couldn’t recommend her more.

Nathan AdamsArtist & Programmer

I needed to make some massive changes in my life and I didnt know where to start. Veronica has helped me from going from a place where I had no clue what to do or how to do it, to being super focused on what I wanted to do with my life, where I should be spending my time and energy, what my integrity says and what makes me happy. Before the coaching I felt like I was walking around with my eyes closed and I feel like now everything that is happening in my life is a result of me having more clarity of what I want to be doing, what’s important to me and what’s important in life. It’s so valuable. I wish I had done it a long time ago. I also think that Veronica is a great coach and the reason why I’ve gotten so much out of it is because I felt really at ease and able to talk about quite deep issues. Veronica is really good at tailoring the coaching to your needs and is very experienced. I’m really pleased with the results. Thank you very much Veronica.

Gemma HoseProducer

I was finding it really hard to keep up with the challenges from my daily life. Before our sessions I didn’t have any experience with energy healing, self care, meditation or life coaching, so I didn't know what to expect. What followed was a very rewarding, engaging, incredible and sometimes challenging but fantastic experience. Each session was safe and judgement free. I was able to explore important questions and answers about my life and my needs which has tremendously helped me with changing my mindset about different areas of my life. The coaching experience really helped me to learn how to integrate meditation and self-care into my daily life which has had a profound and long-term impact on my emotional, physical and mental wellbeing. This has ultimately enabled me to live a more fulfilling and rewarding life.

Mikhail KleptsovLawyer

I had 1-1 coaching with Veronica just as I was starting my new business. My job prior to that had been very demanding and I was very burnt out. I had been left chewed up and spat out. I sought coaching knowing that I needed to have better practices, place boundaries and have a deeper clarity of what was right for me in life. Working with Veronica was absolutely amazing. She taught me techniques to improve the way I dealt with life and also gave me a better perspective on how to approach my life and what’s important to me. I found my time with her completely invaluable. I still use the guidance and tools that she taught me to this very day. I could not recommend her enough

Lucy CheesewrightEvents Director

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