Client Love

“My experiences in sessions with Veronica felt completely natural, and at the same time extraordinary. This relationship of an energy healer and coach now feels totally essential to me. My health and life has continually improved - financially, emotionally, and also most importantly my relationship to myself. Veronica is very gifted, and you're lucky indeed if you cross paths with her.”

Hayley PowelActress

“I came to Veronica because my depression was starting to affect my work and studies. I wanted to find a way of dealing with my paranoia, my lack of self-confidence and to let myself be happy again. Working with Veronica has been amazing, she is very professional and caring and there is never any feeling that she is judging you. She genuinely cares for her clients. Her warm inviting energy makes her stand out from other practitioners, her work is such a big part of her life that it is in everything she does, it gives me the confidence that not only does she know and love what she's doing but she can help me.

The coaching and NLP sessions forced me to look past all of my self-doubt and paranoia to help me see that success is possible and very achievable. They helped me in my day-to-day life, reconditioning my brain to see the good in things, not overlooking the bad but seeing that I can fix it.I have gained a lot of confidence in myself and don't feel like I am constantly struggling anymore. I would recommend Veronica to other people as she has managed to help me when I thought I was beyond help, giving me hope and confidence.
I still use Veronica's services for Life Coaching as I feel that even with the progress I have made, she can still help me to further myself.”


“Working with Veronica throughout my sessions was eye opening, liberating, inspiring and most importantly simple. I was ready to set up a business and wanted support to get started. I came out of these sessions with a more structured day/week/life,I became more productive and made great progress. What I didn't expect was that I’d also create a stronger relationship with my partner, a healthier relationship with my friends and a better understanding of myself.

I would most certainly recommend Veronica and her life coaching sessions to anyone wanting to make a change in your life but not quite knowing how and anyone just wanting a deeper understanding of yourself and what makes you happy and how to implement this into your everyday life through the tiniest of changes. Through these tiny changes it's amazing how quickly you see big results.

I will continue to see Veronica whenever I think I need a little help restructuring my life as it continues to evolve around me.”

Amber FairrieDirector of Twiggy & Co

“I started coaching with Veronica because I was wanting to improve my personal life. I had lost my self-confidence after some bad experiences.
I had talked to a psychologist that had helped but not enough. Veronica on one hand is more like a coach who helps us set clear objectives. So from very early on, I knew which direction I wanted to go in and what I wanted to achieve with her! On the other hand, since we practice meditation, NLP and energy healing, her practice goes much deeper than just talking. She managed to help me to discover some of the unconscious blocks that I have so that I can learn to let them go. She is a very warm and caring lady so her approach is always extremely loving, which is important when we have to face unconscious fears.

I feel I have learned a lot about myself, I feel much happier and stronger than I think I have ever felt… I am still not exactly where I would like to be right now but I am happy with my progress and I still work with Veronica. I have already recommended Veronica to my cousin who very much enjoyed her sessions too and I will definitely continue to recommend her to other people too!”

Caroline MarchandSolicitor

“I started coaching with Veronica because I needed help with organisation, time management, establishing routines, setting goals and being more specific!
setting goals and being more specific!
Working with Veronica was great- the sessions were super. Her approach was direct and we used our time well. The sessions challenged me immediately and helped me to break bad habits and to stop making excuses and burying my head firmly in that naughty sand!!!!!

I’ve now gained an awareness of how to be present and in control. It's amazing how little guided tweaks can make such a big difference to what can be accomplished in a day, let alone a lifetime! Small steps helped to de-stress my everyday working life, de-clutter my home life and to fine tune what I am trying to build, create and achieve in both work and life.

Veronica's manner and coaching style are flawless. Her calm yet direct approach creates a perfect setting for embarking on the road to positive change, empowerment and life satisfaction.

I whole-heatedly recommend to anyone to book some time with this special girl.

Thank you Veronica.”

Sophie KerslakeTeacher and musician

“My name is Aoife and I'm 37. I'm from the north west of Ireland and I'm an actor/writer/court reporter.

I got in touch with Veronica because I wanted to make some sort of breakthrough with my acting career. There's a lot of luck involved with the acting profession, over which I have no control. But I have control over doing my own projects, trying to establish connections with potentially influential people and generally putting myself out there more. I came to Veronica so that she could help me organise my plans and figure out the best approach to getting ahead.

Veronica is both professional and warm and this very much reflected the sessions. I had goals but needed someone to help me organise the steps through which to achieve these. Veronica was able to ask me the right questions so I could get a clearer picture of what I needed to do first, then second, then third, etc, in order of importance. This was exactly what I needed, as I often get overwhelmed by the mammoth goal and its sub-goals and get stuck not knowing where to begin.

Even after my first session with Veronica, I had an idea of how to go about planning goals in a concrete way by setting myself dates and times for their completion. And this meant I progressed very rapidly in subsequent sessions. I decided with Veronica that a sub-goal of my main goal (which can take a lifetime to achieve) was to write, produce and perform a solo piece in a theatre festival; which I did.

I would recommend Veronica to anyone. Her confidence in you, inspires your confidence in you. My confidence in me. I hope to continue with Veronica as I have a lot more work to do on my self confidence and overcoming a few niggling anxiety issues, like cold calling prospective agents and casting directors. I'm excited to delve deeper in sessions because once I'm free of these self imposed barriers to my progress in life, I will be equipped to achieve anything.”

“My name is Deepa Beauty, I am 31. From London and I am a beauty therapist. I have been through a chaotic decade and was in need of clarity and support in my life. I was aware of Veronica’s Coaching skills and felt very comfortable and keen to start coaching. Veronica explained firstly the benefits of coaching, how it can produce a more balanced way of looking at things in my life, and i was very keen to start. Having just gone through a separation and moved house with my daughter learning to be a single mum and everything was snowballing. I felt i had no control and needed this extra support. I wanted to feel happy and strong and aware of my capabilities. I found Veronica to be extremely professional, with a therapeutic influence, she was very intuitive on each session and tuned into what she and I felt would help in that specific moment. with healing, visualization. Goal setting was made clearer to me, just going through ways of dealing with my finances, it was great veronica was encouraging me to find the answers and guide me through each goal that I set. Veronica stands apart from other practitioners, she was very passionate and had a soulful connection to the coaching she did, she showed she enjoyed it and it was something that is really well suited to her.
The sessions were so different every time, they exceeded my expectations, just when I thought we were going through one area of my life, we went through so much in that amount of time, i was surprised I learned so much in each session and actually took action, I guess having a coach and knowing next week would be a catch up on the weeks events that challenged me to make sure i put everything into it. It made me aware of the scary parts of my life, and veronica helped me with tools to help me overcome situations, and how to progress with certain situations. It seems to have brought everything up to the surface, it made me panic but having the sessions helped me take it step by step.
I have good days and bad days, but the most I have gained from taking these sessions is knowing that in a bad day, i put my goals into place and step by step i am able to push through and I get things done that before I would have procrastinated.
I am happier in myself, I take time to do my healing exercises that Veronica showed me in the sessions. The most I have got from this is time management and giving myself time. I think it has helped with all other areas in my life. It is still a lot to progress and many things continue to go on, so I would really benefit from more coaching.
I would recommend this to others, because in such a short space of time, these coaching sessions have had a huge impact on me, and I think people around can see I am happier and have more balance in my life. We all have many things going on in our life, and I believe having a life coach really does clear the air in ones own mind! It has with me. Thank you.”

Deepa Beauty

“Hello, my name is Marta and I'm a photographer.

I had a NLP session and a coaching session with Veronica to help me finally move forward with my studies, my relationship.

I really liked the fact that she took her time to explain how the session would work, how it would help me to achieve my aims and why. She made me feel comfortable and at ease straight away.

After I told her what it was that I wanted to achieve out of our coaching session, she helped to break it down into small objectives, which really helped me to see a clearer picture of what I felt were more manageable steps. After that session I actually met the deadline we had set for my objective and I got my application done on time, something that I had been putting off for months, so I felt our coaching session was amazingly productive.”

“Natalie, 28. Trainee teacher.

I recently found myself in a personal life crisis. I felt I had formed a barrier around myself making me resistant to form trusting relationships.

Veronica was recommended to me from a dear friend. She informed me the work of Veronica and how I would benefit from the different techniques she uses for self development.

Being new to holistic healing approach, I had many questions and to be honest was apprehensive. I found it a great personal challenge to face my demons and ask for help. Veronica was very easy to talk to and answered all my questions before our meet up. Veronica made me feel very welcome and accommodated me as I have a very hectic lifestyle (I work 3 jobs as well as study).

When I arrived, at instant I felt at ease. I was quite nervous and did not know what to expect. I found speaking to Veronica very easy and my 'life' just came pouring out. Veronica explained every step of the healing process and the different techniques she would be using and how these could be taken home to be used in any stressful situation.

I was very surprised how great Reiki is. I could feel the negative energy leaving my body and would really recommend to anyone who can feel negative energy building up inside!!

I loved the NLP therapy too. I found that Veronica guided, however never led and used techniques that I could take away. I found that I was beginning to understand past behaviours and replace those unhappy times with happier times and form more positive memories.

After the session I felt I achieved a great accomplishment, which was admitting and tackling my problem. Working with Veronica, I found that she helped me to self explore and heal. She was kind and empathetic to my needs which made me relaxed and allowed me to be open minded and truly benefit from her therapy.

I would recommend Veronica to anybody who is open minded looking to have a big personal change to make them happier and lead a positive life. I can safely say that my openness to holistic therapy has benefited me as I have brought the techniques home that I can apply to my every day stressful life.”

“Hi I'm Rachel Turner, 34, from Devon originally and now living in busy London. I am a Data Project Manager at Cancer Research UK.
I contacted Veronica as I knew she would be a brilliant life coach and would be someone I could work well with.
There are various areas that I needed help with, as I’d just moved to a new City with a new job and needed help to get everything in order.
Veronica has a very lovely manner; her approach is professional and caring. I think she stands out as she has an ability to connect with people and is extremely compassionate and insightful.
I found the sessions really, really useful – Veronica is amazing to work with. They were challenging because each session a goal was set and tasks were established that would have to be done over the following week (or longer time scales). This really focussed the session and set up achievable tasks for each important life area. There were a few light bulb moments! Talking these things through and challenging each one really helps to focus and make progress through sometimes difficult areas.
The coaching sessions have really helped to move forward and improve important areas in my life. I’ve achieved structure and focus and now have key goals and targets for what I want to achieve moving forward. I’ve also progressed hugely over the last few weeks in these areas. I feel like the coaching has been a great approach to improve my life and I feel like I have benefitted greatly.
I would definitely recommend Veronica to others; she would be amazing to help anyone else looking to make improvements in their life. I would definitely use Veronica’s services again – in fact we are going to continue with monthly sessions so that I can continue to monitor and improve the area’s most important to me.”

“My name is Haleh Reporter and I am a Community worker in the Richmond Borough.
I contacted Veronica at the start of the year as I felt I needed guidance to unlock my potential in reaching my set goals for the year ahead. I needed help in three main aspects of my life self-confidence, career and wellbeing. Veronica has been professional with her structured sessions. Veronica is clear and has made me search within to break down my goals in to bit size pieces, which has helped me on my way to achieve them.
I have had some setbacks along the way however Veronica has given me the tools to overcome these obstacles and start again. I have found the sessions very beneficial as I have felt comfortable and open enough about how I truly feel in each and every session. I come some way with my self-confidence and still put in to practice the skills I have been taught to do this on a daily basis. I have found the sessions very helpful and would recommend them to anyone seeking to unlock their life long goals or even short ones. It has been an enlightening six weeks and I feel I have been very lucky to have Veronica as a coach as she is very welcoming, warm, professional and skilled at what she does.”

“Hi I'm Katja from Brixton in Lodnon. At the beginning of this year I felt like I had been through the mill. It had been a very tough couple of years and I was trying to make sense of it all in my head and let go of the past, but I felt emotionally completely locked and unable to do so. I really felt like I needed some help to aid me along, but didn’t really know where to turn to. I had tried Reiki before with someone else, but did not feel it had helped me at all, in fact I was not so convinced about it as a treatment.

When I met Veronica I was feeling particularly low. She made me feel comfortable and at ease instantly and so when I heard she did Reiki I decided to give it another try. It felt like the right thing to do.

And my god what a difference!!! Veronica created a calm oasis in my own living room, where I felt totally safe and relaxed. She took time to explain the treatment and to listen to me. And as the treatment started and progressed, I could physically feel tight “knots” popping open inside me! I was amazed how much stuff Veronica was able to pick up during the session and pay extra attention to.

Afterwards I felt happy, secure and extremely calm. And I slept like a baby for the first time in months.

And that calm feeling has stayed with me ever since. Also, I have been able to have a good cry, which I hadn’t been able to do before the treatment for a very long time. And that has been a massive relief. It is like all the feelings are free to flow again and I feel secure to feel them.

The benefits of the treatment are astonishing and thanks to Veronica I have completely changed my opinion about Reiki. I absolutely, wholeheartedly recommend Veronica as a practitioner and I am so glad I found her! I will be returning to her for years to come. Love and light, xxxxx”

“I can't recommend Veronica enough. Her warm yet professional manor had me feeling very at ease about the Reiki treatment. I was a little nervous at the start but she soon had me feeling at ease. I find that trying to describe what the treatment was like is difficult to put in to words but it was a very personal and introverted experience which I have benefited from greatly.”

Mr. CollinsPrimary School Teacher and Mentor

“Veronica has an amazingly hypnotic voice and I felt very comfortable and confident in her abilities. I felt completely relaxed from the outset of the appointment and have noticed massive changes after our session. I highly recommend Veronica to anyone considering hypnotherapy - she is a lovely kind soul.”

Julie BegbieTraining Consultant

“It was a great pleasure to experience Miss Amarelle's skills. I asked her to attend to some personal matters. She did so with what seemed like real ease and with a wonderful voice for meditation and hypnotherapy which enters the mind easily, it allowed me to feel completely relaxed and comfortable. I could really feel her personal and passionate energy and I hope I get the chance to experience her again in the future. Many thanks for your wonderful kind heart Miss Amarelle.”

Stuart RobinsonOwner of Drivers Scotland and Creative Mind

“Veronica is a very warm, nurturing, intuitive therapist. My experience of working with Veronica was both enlightening and effective, I felt comfortable and relaxed at all times and was captivated by Veronica's amazing talent with words which flowed beautifully and insightfully. A very rewarding and empowering experience with a hugely talented, competent healer.”

Louise Watson

“Veronica is a peaceful, warm and caring person and you will instantly feel at ease in her presence. Veronica and I worked together on NLP and hypnotherapy and I found that she worked in an incredibly effective, intuitive way. She is a beautiful soul and amazing holistic practitioner. If you are looking for a therapist look no further, contact her now.”

Gillian PirieTeacher

“I have had a couple of sessions with Veronica and have found her amazing. She has such a great energy. Her NLP and coaching techniques have made it possible for me to access my problems and move forward positively. She is also a great person who's guidance I have found valuable in my life. I recommend her highly to my peers and friends.”

Darrin GeorgeArt Director of Shoop Salon

“Veronica has a very clear and concise manner during her life coaching and personal development sessions. The way that she explains and approaches situations and always offers a fresh perspective that you instantly understand and can work with. I also think it is commendable how she can take personal ramblings! and unravel their true meaning, therefore gaining instant trust and a feeling that she really gets what you are trying to say. Veronica has a fantastic personality and caring nature, and I know that she will go from strength to strength in her chosen career and bring great love, trust and support to anyone she comes in to contact with.”

Cathy HendersonStaffing Director at Arc

“I had my first ever reiki session with Veronica a few months ago when I was going through a very hard time in my life, and needed to find some balance again. Veronica was an absolute angel, and I found the session both tremendously profound and effective. Having come into the session with an open mind, but no expectations I was really surprised to have had such a connection with what Veronica was channelling into me. I would highly recommend her if you find you want a bit of natural calm and ease bringing back into your life. Think of it as a spiritual spring clean.”

Kat McKinneyAccount Director at WARL

“I was a bit of an energy skeptic before my treatment with Veronica. She came to my home and gave me a reiki treatment. I didn't want to believe in reiki, but I really did feel different the next day. She has a very gentle, relaxed manor that put me at ease right from the start and is a bit of an energy wizard.”

Polly PlayfordDirector of Polly Playford Designs

“Thank you so much for the dramatic effect your sessions have had in my life. I have changed career, experienced much physical healing and I have met an amazing young woman. I knew when I first saw you that something magical was imminent. I value your insight. Thanks for your fantastic role in my development and spiritual growth.”

Chaun ChambersTeacher/ Actor

“After learning Reiki Level 1 with Veronica, I now do Reiki almost every day on myself and following its natural flow it takes me about 30 mins. It's amazing taking into account that I'm the kind of a person that usually rushes things. The practice really calms me down and allows to be in the moment. Above all my ovarian cysts reduced and it was deemed that I wouldn't need surgery which was what I was hoping that reiki will help me with. This problem was the main reason for me to learn it. Thank you.”

Anna BaroszewiczHealer & Therapist

“I did my Reiki 1 with Veronica earlier this year at her lovely space in East London. I felt immediately nurtured and relaxed as she welcomed our small group into her beautiful candle lit, crystal adorned room, gave us herbal tea and fruit, and a bound course book detailing all we needed to know about the practice. Veronica is so loving, and professional, a winning combination. She expertly guided us through meditations and visualizations, teaching us the steps we needed to follow to practice Reiki in an easy-to-follow, and to feel, manner. I felt a very powerful energetic exchange take place during the attunement and when practising the technique on Veronica on the day i felt confident immediately that I could give a Reiki treatment. I really appreciate the openness and warmth that Veronica brought to the training which continues now as she is kindly available to answer questions that come up as time goes on. Veronica is a truly gifted and knowledgeable healing practitioner and I’d recommend her Reiki courses to anybody looking to empower their healing journey.”

Olivia WoodYoga Teacher & Massage Therapist

“Having completed the Emotional Empowerment course by Veronica Amarelle, I would highly recommend it. The course was well structured, with a clear path of skills development and assistance in implementing them in our everyday routines. I especially benefited from being able to listen to the guided practice recording after each session.
The exercises were well thought out and some of them had simply spectacular effects. I will definitely continue working with Veronica to improve my physical and mental well being.”

Anna Gibson

“I would recommend this course to anyone. Mindfulness and well-being is on everyone’s lips. This course is very effective for people who have busy, racing minds because it gets you into your body. You become in tune with your whole self and it makes a huge difference to creating calm.”

Aoife Nic

“I was in a dark place when I started this course. It really helped me to feel better equipped and like I had more tools to tap into if i felt low again.
I took the VIP package including personal coaching sessions. Working with Veronica is like working with a counsellor, a life coach, an energy healer and a friend all rolled into one.”

“" Thank you so much for such an amazing evening of healing! I sang all the way home! Felt lifted and light. You are amazing at what you do beautiful girl. It was really good to just 'let it all out'...I couldn't sleep last night at first tho, but when I did it was deeeep. Thank you!"”


“" I just wanted to say thank you for last night. I've woken up feeling unlocked somehow and while I'm feeling very emotional I know that I'm able to address those feelings rather than bury them. Group sessions work!"”

Kat x

“I think how you lead the session was great! You were super calm and professional. I was definitely going in and out of that weird semi conscious zone which is always refreshing to get into that head space when we live such busy lives.
I would defiantly come again. I'm so glad I could be a part of your first session." Amber Xxxx”

“The Emotional Empowerment course really saved me during a particularly testing time in my life. I signed up to the course as I wanted to gain control over my emotions instead of finding them overwhelming. I wanted to confront them and channel them towards something more positive and enlightening, rather than ignoring and suppressing them. The grounding exercises formed a great foundation for me as it taught me how important it is to take a pause whenever necessary to just focus on these feelings and gain a better balance. The group was such a pleasure to be a part of, especially during lockdown where there were often days of feeling quite wretched. We listened to each other and Veronica helped us understand our emotions and tailor them to gain power and a better understanding of ourselves.

I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone. Energy healing was a completely new experience for me and it really helped me stay positive during a very challenging time in my life. Thank you Veronica!”

Vicky Ford

“The Emotional Empowerment Course was a beautiful experience to be a part of, and came to me at the right time.
Veronica adds her own touch of magic, guiding you through a range of energy healing and meditations which are incredible tools for identifying and clarifying your emotions.

By embracing meditation, I have helped to unlock a sense of calm I never knew I had, enabling me to deal with a hectic lifestyle and helping me begin my journey with grief.
I'm so very pleased I gave my skeptical self a kick in the right direction and trying this course.
It's given me some true insight to myself, clearing out some bad habits and unlocking my true potential which I have hidden for a long time.

I'd recommend this course to anyone who feels a little lost or stuck in a rut, in need of some focus or looking to change direction.
Veronica is a wonderful teacher and a magical human. You are in great hands.”

Kat Dendy

“Enrolling on Veronica’s Emotional Empowerment course was just what I needed. At a time of such uncertainty, the tools I learned, and continue to use, help to keep me grounded. Recognising how to tap into your own energy and meditative self care is a powerful skill to hone. Learning how to listen to your body and literally empower yourself is magic. Veronica is pure magic!”

Bethan Taylor

“The Emotional Empowerment course that Veronica ran came at a time where I had felt lost, and simultaneously; emotionally overwhelmed with negative feelings. The course helped me to work through past emotions that were causing negative triggers in my everyday life. The healing practices she put in place helped me pick apart these emotions and recognise the reasons they were coming up and what to do about them. Meditation is now part of my everyday life and I can't imagine not doing it now. It was an amazing eye-opening experience that helped me so much with everyday tricky/anxious situations that before I would have really struggled with. Now; I feel my footsteps are a little lighter and a weight has lifted from my shoulders, having been able to see clearer and to be a little kinder to myself.”

Nadia Tate

“This course was wonderful for me. I learnt how to use meditation and energy healing in a time that I was very stressed with family problems. It helped me to stay positive and also helped me to relax and feel better in my body. I really felt more grounded. I loved the community also. Having the group to share with was very uplifting. Veronica is very good at teaching. She show's a lot of kindness and makes it easy to understand the exercises and work with them. I am very grateful to her. Thank you.”

Amelia Garcia

“I have known Veronica for almost 3 years when I went to her for life coaching. Her warmth and kindness immediately boosted and inspired me. Then I slowly noticed that her coaching was also really transforming my life in depth and for the best. I have achieved with her what I needed. I believe the best test for the efficiency of her method is that I don't feel dependent on her like I have seen too many people be with their coach/psychologist. I still go to her from time to time when I would like some guidance but I guess it is also because of her wonderful energy, because otherwise, thanks to her I have regained the self confidence and strength I needed to make my own decisions!”

Sayuki Marchand

“Veronica is truly one of this planet’s natural healers. I can crawl into her salon in agony with my chronic back pain and dance out an hour later without a care in the world. She instinctively knows what it is you need and gently nudges you there bit by bit so suddenly you are having an emotional or physical breakthrough as if it happened by magic. Her combination of skills such as reflexology, coaching, meditation and energy work means that whatever it is that you need, Veronica can find a solution.”

Freya Papworth

“I went to go and see Veronica after suffering from panic attacks and anxiety for weeks. I booked a 10 week package with her for Life Coaching and healing. After my first session I felt 80% better. I'm now feeling so much more in control of my life and how I feel. Veronica is a special woman and I instantly felt connected to her spirit. I am grateful I have met her on this journey and I hope she knows how amazing she is and that she is appreciated. Thank you Veronica x”

Ashley RaeMusic Manager

“I went to go and see Veronica after suffering from panic attacks and anxiety for weeks. I booked a 10 week package with her for Life Coaching and healing. After my first session I felt 80% better. I'm now feeling so much more in control of my life and how I feel. Veronica is a special woman and I instantly felt connected to her spirit. I am grateful I have met her on this journey and I hope she knows how amazing she is and that she is appreciated. Thank you Veronica x”


“Veronica helped me gain clarity on my goals, access my intuition and build a self practice for space and reflection in my day-to-day life. Veronica's approach is warm and personable and her multitude of techniques in coaching, visualisation and meditation have allowed me to feel increasingly balanced, energised and empowered to live my values each day. I wouldn’t hesitate to ask for Veronica’s support in the future.”


“I had a series of life coaching session with Veronica and I found her to be wonderfully engaging, enthusiastic and professional. She has a great confidence in her manner which put me at ease and which encouraged me to feel confident in myself. I got a welcome clarity working with her, as she asked me the right questions to let me focus in on the steps I needed to take to get to where I want to be. I felt she was fully invested in me and rooting for me to achieve my goals. Working with her is treat, because she is such a warm person and I found it easy and safe to open up about where I felt stuck in various areas of my life.”

Aoife Nic Ardghail

“Last night was wonderful. I was so impressed at your skill at taking the session, calming everyone, providing a comfortable setting…. it all worked so well. I’ve meditated a few times before but this was very different. My sleep has been pretty erratic lately but last night was great and I awoke without the anxiety flooding in. I am feeling good today and am really pleased I came along to your healing session. I have many friends who would probably love to be part and I can introduce them. Thank you.”

Nick SimonProducer

“Ten mins first thing doing a bit of an energy clean-up (the easiest way I can describe it) really helps my overactive brain slow down a couple of notches. Shout out to Veronica Amarelle for teaching me your methods at your mind management and meditation session last week and helping me find my Monday flow.”

Rebecca QuigleyCopy Writer

“When taking part in Veronica’s group healing session, I was taken on a wonderful journey through the use of mind visualisation techniques and guided meditation. As this was something that I hadn’t experienced before within a group environment, I wasn’t too sure of what to expect, but from start to finish Veronica made me feel incredibly relaxed, comfortable and well guided. I found the session to be quite profound and energising and it led me to start my own daily meditation practice at home. Veronica is a very special being, who is incredibly talented at healing work and i’m very much looking forward to another session with her, hopefully very soon!”

Laura HealthGraphic Designer

“Mind management and meditation hosted by Veronica Amarelle. I loved it ♥️first time I've ever meditated in my life. Great experience. I am definitely attending the next one. I recommend it to everyone.”

Charley Forest