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Life has been quietly whispering to us for a long time that it’s time to evolve.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that your old way of being, living, thinking or connecting to others isn’t working for you anymore. Maybe you feel like there must be ‘more’ out there than what you’re currently experiencing.

Are you curious to explore different ways to shake things up?
Have you wondered how you can start to explore spiritual practices, energy healing, meditation, personal development, and ways to uplevel your mindset and quality of life?

Welcome to the Elevation Hub. Your online spiritual community carefully curated to support you in your personal evolution in mind, body, emotions, and spirit.


While we love the woo woo here, the Elevation Hub is unique as it’s an approachable, fun, safe and personable space where you can explore different energetic alignment practices, nurture your personal development and learn to access your own answers of what works for you, in a space that’s here to support you, every step of the way along your own journey.

My philosophy is that you hold all of the answers that you need to facilitate your own healing, elevation and personal growth. Through the elevation hub I will provide you with tools to clear out the clutter of anything that’s clouding you from truly being able to identify what your truth is, what feels aligned for you in life and how you can go about creating it.

So what is the Elevation Hub?

I use practices from energy healing, channelling, meditation, personal performance coaching, NLP and Emotional Transformation to support you in:

  • Healing on a deep emotional level. Releasing overwhelm and trapped emotions, so they no longer weigh you down.
  • Clearing tensions and blocks from your body. Supporting you in feeling clear, light, centred and deeply connected to yourself.
  • Easing overthinking. Reducing indecisiveness, foggy brain and to bring clarity into the mind, nurture intuition, and support you in connecting to your truth.
  • Healing the past. Resolving past traumas and dissolving blocks that are keeping you from living freely in the now.
  • Empowering your present and your future! Expanding your field of possibility and energising your dreams, wishes, goals and intentions.
  • Enhancing your sense of spirituality. Connecting to your inner wisdom, receiving guidance to life’s wisdom and expanding the feeling of lightness in your full being.
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The benefits of joining The Elevation Hub.


Weekly Energy Alignment & Personal Development

Every Tuesday @ 7.30pm, you’ll be given a place on our group calls to receive deep healing, transformation, and elevation.

Monthly Personal Development Themes.

Enjoy monthly, new themes for personal growth, curated to facilitate a deeper healing and evolution for you. From Self Worth, to Expanding Intuition to Nurturing Creativity & beyond.

Monthly Community Coaching

Receive a chance each month to have tailored coaching & energy healing to support your individual needs in your own ascension journey.

Library of Healing Sessions

Have access to all of our past session recordings. Visit different themes that are current for you and use these recordings to support your sense of centredness and healing as needed.

A Community For Life

Enjoy the community spirit of the Elevation Hub. Be part of a like-minded collective all championing one another to enhance their sense of wellbeing, personal growth and fulfilment in the world.

First Priority & Discounts on Services & Events

Receive discounts and first dibs on any events, courses, and 1-1 sessions with myself and affiliates.

The Elevation Hub has been a consistent resource of support, love, connection and growth for so many spiritually curious people.

As a member of the Elevation Hub you will receive all of these benefits with the options of two plans.


Plan 1: £66 per month.

Plan 2: £660 per year (save £120).

If you want to try us on for size please join us for a month to get the full experience and see if it’s the right fit for you.

We meet every Tuesday at 7.30pm on Zoom. 

Hello! I’m Veronica,

A Personal Performance coach, energy healer and well-being specialist. With over 17 year’s experience in the wellbeing industry, I’ve created The Elevation Hub as a friendly, accessible platform to help creatively minded people to put their self-care, emotional and spiritual wellness and life enrichment first! Through consistently nurturing ourselves, receiving community support and having fun in exploring personal development and healing we can dramatically improve our connection to ourselves, our quality of life and sense of love in this world.

I hope that you find this community elevating for your mind, heart and passions. By coming together and making personal expansion the norm not only will we enrich our life experience but we’ll also create a ripple effect amongst everyone around us.

What They’re Saying

I love being a member of the Elevation Hub. It keeps me on an even keel mentally, emotionally and energetically and is a very restorative experience for me.
Being part of a community is a wonderful dynamic as it feels like we’re all in it together and supporting one another.
Every month there is a personal development theme which gives me something to think about and it’s always complimented by a mix of healings and meditations. I also really enjoy the diversity of our guest healers every month.
Being part of this community has helped me in so many ways and it was one of the most beneficial things that I did during lockdown. It’s kept me grounded and I’m now also much better at meditating by myself as a result of it.

Nadia Tate

The Elevation Hub is a diverse community of all different ages, coming together to better themselves and I love it. It’s nice to see so many different ways that we can help and support one another. I joined the Hub because I thought it was a great way to come together during lockdown and uplift each other. I like the meditations, meeting so many lovely people and exploring different types of healing. It’s helped me to understand how I can best be in touch with myself and support myself, especially when I’m feeling vulnerable. I’ve learnt a lot and I know that I am not alone.

Amelia Amarelle

Group sessions with Veronica are always special. She exudes passion and empathy for her groups.
She leads you into an energy field that is a blend of technical competence, heart-based compassion and the power of self-awareness.
And above all she gives you access to the latent possibilities of self-healing that are within.

John Finlayson

When taking part in Veronica’s group healing session, I was taken on a wonderful journey through the use of mind visualisation techniques and guided meditation. As this was something that I hadn’t experienced before within a group environment, I wasn’t too sure of what to expect, but from start to finish Veronica made me feel incredibly relaxed, comfortable and well guided. I found the session to be quite profound and energising and it led me to start my own daily meditation practice at home. Veronica is a very special being, who is incredibly talented at healing work and i’m very much looking forward to another session with her, hopefully very soon!

Laura HealthGraphic Designer

Last night was wonderful. I was so impressed at your skill at taking the session, calming everyone, providing a comfortable setting…. it all worked so well. I’ve meditated a few times before but this was very different. My sleep has been pretty erratic lately but last night was great and I awoke without the anxiety flooding in. I am feeling good today and am really pleased I came along to your healing session. Thank you.

Nick SimonProducer

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