What is it?

Our entire bodies are composed of energy flowing and moving. All matter and psychological processes — thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and attitudes — are composed of energy. We can often experience energetic stagnation or blocks in the body which may relate to different traumas, limiting beliefs, old emotions and also learned behaviours. These blockages or stagnation can affect the way that we live our lives, express ourselves, relate to the world and to people. 

Sometimes these blockages can manifest in:

  • Physical imbalances like tiredness, tension or illness.
  • Emotional imbalances like anxiety, stress or depression.
  • Mental imbalances like overthinking, a clouded head or a lacking of clarity and direction.
  • Energetic imbalances like attracting drama into your life or recurring negative scenarios.

How can it help you?

Energy healing is a fascinating practice. I use numerous techniques from Energetic NLP, Reiki and Huna energy healing and other personal development tools to help you to release blockages and stagnation in the body allowing you to feel more aligned and connected to your most authentic self. By supporting you in feeling into the body and using playful, explorative language you’ll be able to tap into your own healing abilities in a way that’s easy and fun. This process can help you to:

  • Release: Clear blocks, limiting beliefs, old behaviour patterns, stuck emotions, cloudy thinking, insecurities and traumas.  
  • Align: Connect to your more authentic self, feel lighter in your body, more at ease, with a greater sense of simplicity and open life opportunities and possibilities. 
  • Enlighten: Feel clear about your wants, needs and desires and the best steps forward for you in life. 
  • Energise: Empower your goals, energise your mind, heart and body. Feel elevated and excited about life.

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